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Cremation Pre-Planning


pre-planning funerals and pre-planning cremations


Pre-Planning Crematin for your loved oneGuiding Light Funeral Home & Cremation Center has adopted a unique Pre-Planning Service that will provide future funeral or cremation protection to all members of your family. We encourage these pre-planning death-care services for you, your spouse, parents or any other member of the family. In a burdensome economy such as ours, selecting a service that is inevitable and paying for it in today's prices is a major way to prepare for your future and that of your family's. Such a payment plan allows you to make stress-free payments over time and provides economic stability for the whole family.


Don't wait to select these services under stress or emotional duress associated with short-term illness or unexpected death. Such delicate matters are best handled in our conference room or in the privacy of your home with one of our family counselors. We strongly urge you to utilize the element of time to plan ahead for your own demise and that of other family members to insure that all the details of your pre-planning are well thought out and implemented. The best decisions are made when we are devoid of stress and anxiety. That is why we recommend pre-planning during times that are less stressful.


With pre-planning, every member of the family is able to express his or her own desire as it relates to the handling of their own death before the time comes. Specific instructions can be well documented and preserved through our Guiding Light archives until their implementations are needed. Whether your wishes are to be cremated in a specific set of clothing, or buried in-ground or in a mausoleum, or you prefer the recital of special poems or the saying of a unique prayer, anything that can be put in writing today can be honored at the time of your passing in years to come. Selecting the right personal anecdotes for your death service can be stimulating and fun and can provide the whole family with a creative outlet.


The variations are too numerous to list here. Nonetheless, each and every request will be honored at the appropriate time. Please discuss this matter with the rest of your family and utilize this intriguing facet of our services to come up with the most extravagant way to memorialize your life. Call us for an appointment and lets get your immortality started immediately!