Guiding Light Cremations


Cremation Pre-Planning



It is assumed that each cremation in Florida is performed with the utmost care and due diligence, and that every cremation in Florida is treated with respect and honor. However, not all crematories are alike. As you would suspect, some crematories are not clean, they lack the integrity needed to be considered an operation of high caliber. You would hope that the procedures in all crematories can assure you that the cremated remains you receive will be those of your loved ones. As in all other professional endeavors, sometimes unscrupulous people operate under the wire, falling short of running an establishment that is honorable, competent and reputable. All crematories must gain your trust. Guiding Light Cremations recommends that you visit the intended crematory. This is the only sure way to assess the crematory establishment. And this is the only way of securing that each cremation in Florida be performed as it should...with honor, integrity and respect.


When Geronimo Mena, Jr. and David Krohn, Guiding Light's Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Office, respectively, decided to enter this industry, they knew that every aspect of their operation had to fall within legal and honorable parameters. By the time everything had been completed, both Mr. Mena and Mr. Krohn could finally rejoice in their accomplishment. Guiding Light Cremations had reached a milestone in the cremation industry and those to benefit the most were average, everyday Floridian families. With all the work done, now was the time to inform the public that Guiding Light Cremations had joined mainstream America with honorable and affordable cremations in the tri-county region of Southeast Florida. Now the task was to spread the word that Guiding Light Cremations was determined to bring honor to every cremation in Florida.


Mr. Mena has dedicated over twenty-five years of his life in service to families of every faith, culture and nationality who have suffered the loss of a loved one. As member of the Board of Directors of the Cremation Association of North America, CANA, Mr. Mena's professionalism is unstoppable. His determination and commitment has raised the bar on the cremation industry and consequently, on every cremation in Florida. Guiding Light urges you to take time from your busy schedules to visit and tour our cremation facility. You will never know when our services will be needed.