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Cremation Pre-Planning


Cremation Florida Cremation Florida is a term created by Guiding Light Cremations of West Park, Florida to better inform the families of all faiths who are in need of affordable cremation services in the Florida region. While we are a new, state-of-the-art crematory near Hollywood, our foundation is composed of decades of years in service to all families. Cremation Florida expresses the ultimate in spectacular services intended to honor the memory of your loved one. Whether your interest in Cremation Florida is to have a simple cremation that is devoid of uniting family and friends at our facilities, or whether your intentions are to honor your loved one through a Witness Cremation in the presence of special family members and selective friends, Cremation Florida at Guiding Light will always meet with your financial approval. Cremation Florida encompasses all aspects of cremations that take place in an ambience that is exclusively conducive to meditation, solemnity and reverence. The Family Room epitomizes a haven for expressing intimate sentiments with family and friends. Our environment always brings out the very best in interpersonal bonding and deep expressions of love. Guiding Light Cremations was designed and built with these marvelous feelings in mind.

Opened in early 2010 by Geronimo Mena, Jr. and partner, David Krohn, both contribute a wealth of talent, dedication and commitment toward this modern facility. Mr. Mena has earned a distinguished reputation by handling each cremation with a strict humanitarian etiquette that honors the memories of all who pass through our facilities. As a result, Cremation Florida represents the highest form of human compassion and integrity. When he joined the Board of Directors of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), Mr. Mena reinforced his profoundest respect for the cremation industry. He is considered by his colleagues to be a man of deep-seated caring for all he does for his families. When asked why he has spent a lifetime in this industry, Mr. Mena’s response is simple and direct. He believes that by honoring the wishes of family members, he is ultimately paying the most profound and highest form of dedication to humanity. Mr. Mena says that, “We must give of ourselves for the betterment of us all.” The simplicity of his words and the profoundness of their application is what give Guiding Light Cremations its strong leadership in the services for Cremation Florida. Moreover, Mr. Mena’s keen understanding of psychological, social and religious aspects of humanity makes him the likely leader for the most successfully run human crematorium in the state of Florida.